The Innovators

Meet the Teams

We invest in people first, ideas next. Our awardees are people who:

  • Have a passion for issues related to teen pregnancy prevention – and see pathways for technology to create new norms for both teens and professionals in the field. Innovation Next is rooted in human connection and is all about developing, testing, and validating new ideas. Our awardees bring a hypothesis for how to reduce teen pregnancy and an idea for how they might approach it, and then they buckle up for a wild ride.
  • Have a killer team of thinkers and doers with a variety of perspectives on teen pregnancy prevention, technology, and design. Our teams are made up of doctors, psychologists, UX designers, community health workers, teens, and many more amazing professionals. The magic happens when these diverse teams jump on board and then navigate in the right direction together.
  • Are interested in taking a design thinking approach to solving a problem. Some only have an interest and others come to the table with a vast amount of experience. At Power to Decide, we’ve experienced the power of design thinking, a design-led, user-centered, and iterative approach to problem-solving. We enjoy taking a variety of experiences and learning together, and our awardees do as well!