Eligible Applicants

We invest in people first, ideas next.
We want to hear from you if:  

  • You have a passion for issues related to teen pregnancy prevention – and you see ways for technology to create new norms. Innovation Next is all about developing, designing, testing, and validating your idea. Bring your hypothesis for how to reduce teen pregnancy—and an idea of how you might approach it.
  • You’ve got a killer team of thinkers and doers with varied perspectives on teen pregnancy prevention. Connected to a policy wonk, a coder, and a youth peer educator? Awesome. Want to bring together a doctor, a gender studies student, and an interaction designer? Be our guest. The magic is in the makeup of your team.
  • You’re interested in Design Thinking approach to problem solving – maybe you’ve even taken it for a spin. At Power to Decide, we’ve experienced the power of Design Thinking, a design-led, user-centered, and iterative approach to problem solving. We want your team to as well!

You can be an non-profit or for-profit entity, school or business, rural or urban, hospital or faith-based organization. Almost anyone in the U.S. qualifies!