Innovation Next Incubator

We’re looking for innovative ideas about how to use technology to prevent teen pregnancy.

Want to improve the way teens view (and talk about) pregnancy prevention? Have a vision for better communication among professionals working in teen sexual health? Wish there was a tool that seamlessly integrates technology into sex education? The lnnovation Next Incubator brings a Design Thinking approach to the development of teen pregnancy prevention efforts. We're looking for teams with game-changing approaches to prevent teen pregnancy that prompt behavior change through technology.

In March, ten teams will be awarded an $80,000 grant to explore and prototype their idea over a five-month period-wherever and however they choose. Throughout the process, teams will receive coaching from IDEO designers on human-centered approaches to testing and iterating their ideas, through both in-person workshops and remote guidance, as well as weekly support from The National Campaign. After building out their concepts, teams will pitch their ideas to an expert panel. Five of the ten ideas will receive additional funding and support to build out their product minimum viable product (MVP) for launch in 2016. But beyond funding and support, lnnovation Next grantees join a cohort of like-minded individuals devoted to shaking up the sexual health space and empowering teens to own their futures. Have an idea? We want to hear about it!